And so you have saved up to two hundred thousand Naira and the issue now is that you don’t know what business to venture into with the money. This often happens because you didn’t have any idea at first or just because there are so many ideas in your head and you don’t know which one to take.


 It is important that you carefully go through all the details about a business so as to be on a safer side and to avoid wasting your hard-earned money. In this article, we would be looking at the various businesses you can start with three million Naira and get a high return on investment within the shortest possible time.
The truth is that the ideas we will share in this post are not the usual ideas you see all over the internet. We hand-picked these ones and they are the ones with ready markets waiting for them. Sit back and grab a packet of popcorn as we take you through these mind-blowing business ideas.

Top businesses you can start with less than three million Naira in Nigeria

A4 paper business: as strange as this business idea might sound, it is a profitable business with a very large market. Think of it, in all offices and schools (universities, secondary schools), churches and indeed all business centers, A4 papers are used to a large extent.
This business has a great potential and all you have to do is to import this very cheap from China or just buy directly from importers who import them and then store them in your warehouse or house or anywhere. You can employ delivery agents who will help you deliver them to your customers. They could also be the ones to get potential customers for you.
All you have to do is to answer phone calls, check on customers and ask them if they want A4 papers and making your money in a cool way.
You can search online for importers who deal on A4 papers and you will be glad you did.


Uberpreneurship: This word is not an English word and you might be asking what it means. This simply means being an uber entrepreneur. You buy a car and get a driver who will enroll to Uber (Uber is an American technology company that operates the Uber car transportation and food delivery business in about 633 cities worldwide). They also operate in Nigeria. You can get some second-hand cars and employ drivers to drive for you.
Read more about how to enroll to Uber and know if it is good for you.
Fish farming: so many people tend to neglect agriculture because they think it is not profitable but the truth remains that agriculture is very profitable. Fish is an alternative to red meat and other types of meat and also have some medicinal and nutritional values. In addition, it requires little capital, is a great source of protein and you get to enjoy government support.
All you need to do is to learn the business and tap from the market that cannot be saturated anytime soon. You have to get a site, build a pond and make sure you have a storage facility, source of good water supply, proper drainage system and feed for the fish.
Your direct market could be hotels, event centers, wholesalers and the general public. I bet you that if you learn the art of fish farming and invest in it, you will enjoy it.

Safety tips in going into any business

If you wish to start any other business, it is important that you know some certain things so as to stay safe and maximize profit. These tips include;
Do not ever invest in any online money making scheme: to avoid falling victim of scammers and the rest, we advise that you avoid online investments no matter how lucrative they may sound. Even if you must invest, try legit businesses like Bitcoin, etc.
Never try to invest in betting, HYIPs, Ponzi schemes, etc. because they are all full of deceit and are not true.
Never borrow to start a new business: although so many people borrow and become successful, we advise that you save up the money if you can. If you can’t, then you can get loans from anywhere.
Try as much as possible not to give your money to anyone to do the business for you.
Even if you have to learn how to do it, then do. If you can’t learn the business, then you must have a very good agreement with anyone that will run the business on your behalf.
Do not use 100% of your money for a business: You should keep a little as a fallback peradventure the business fails.


having discussed our three top businesses you can start in Nigeria with less than 200,000 Naira, we would like to hear from you. Do you think other ones should be added to the list, let us know through the comment section and we will update the list.