As Africans and people of some other continents are deprived of some kinds of stuff and services online, internet marketers, bloggers, and freelancers are always in search of ways through which they can access these services from their countries.
Some time ago, Fiverr which is one of the top freelancing companies online brought out a harsh penalty for some of their sellers and demanded that they verify their accounts using their phone numbers. These sellers used VPN to change their locations to the United States but Fiverr allowed them to use their local numbers for verification.
After a while Fiverr used this against them and deported (changed their locations depending on the phone number used for verification) to their various countries using the number’s country code.
This denied some freelancers the opportunity of making it big on Fiverr. As a result, they had poor sales and lost so many of their buyers.
Also, some other online services that require their users to make use of phone number as a method of verification give internet marketers a headache.
In this article, we would be exploring ways of getting free United States (US) phone numbers for free. These phone numbers can be used for various verifications and so, there is no need of buying phone numbers or contacting your friends or clients in the US for phone number verifications.

How can I get a United States (US) phone number for free?

We will be discussing the best ways through which you can get a free US phone number. It is important that we state categorically that some online services do not recognize some of the phone numbers generated by this application as valid US numbers. However, all of them can be used to make calls and can be called from anywhere in the world. 
Below are the best ways of getting free US phone numbers:
  1. Telos free phone number application
  2. TextPlus app
  3. TextNow app
  4. 2nd line app

Telos free phone number application: this application is available on Playstore as at the time of writing this article. It is about the best application that allows you get a free US phone number from anywhere in the world. This application gives you a real mobile phone number that can be used to receive calls and texts from any person, used as contact phone number for your bank accounts, utilities, and websites.
It can also be used to set up forwarding to any landline or phone number. However, for you to get a free US phone number, you will have to complete some tasks such as downloading some applications, checking out some other offers, etc. If you don’t want to go through all these stress, you can as well pay some token in other to have this phone number instantly.
On this application, you can have up to 4 different US phone numbers and still receive calls from all of them from anywhere in the world. You can also call anyone with these lines which saves you some international toll fees.

It is important to note that you will have to be on the internet before you can make use of this application (either through a Wi-Fi or mobile data) and it is available to most countries of the world. You can also get free phone numbers of other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Sweden and Belgium with this application.

Textplus application: this is about the latest and absolutely free way of getting a US phone number. The application is available in both Apple store and Google Play Store and is absolutely free.
On TextPlus, you can call and message friends with a real phone number and it does not require your linking it with your local phone number. The application is free but however comes with a few ads and if you don’t like the ads, you can purchase an ad-free version of it.
Key features of the application includes: full picture messaging, customizable ringtones, real text messaging abilities and can only work using Wi-Fi or mobile data.
Suggestion: this implies that for you to be able to receive phone calls or messages using the mobile number given to you by the application, you will have to be connected to the internet. The application also keeps the record of missed calls peradventure you were not online when the call was made. They also mandate people using their free numbers to send at least one call or message to the number in a month or risk losing the number.
It is also important to note that this phone number cannot be used to register for WhatsApp as it is marked as an invalid phone number.
So, what are you waiting for? Go download the app from your smartphone’s store and enjoy the free US phone number that it provides.
TextNow: this is another powerful application that can be used to get a free US phone number. It has similar features with the TextPlus application discussed earlier but the difference is that it is not available to every country.
There is a way around this though: using VPN. With a VPN application, you can change your location to that of another country where it is available, download the application, register on it and make use of it seamlessly.
You can check out our post on how to change the IP address of your android device so as to see how to change your location.
2ndLine application: This application was also developed by the same team that developed the TextNow application and such, is not available to some countries of the world. You can find your way around it using the VPN method shared above and get yourself a free US phone number.
Just like the TextPlus app, it can work only using Wi-Fi or mobile data and can receive unlimited calls and text messages as well. Missed calls are also saved for you and you get updated once you are online of any call that you missed.
It also allows you to assign different ringtones and background to different contacts, add your own customized signatures to your text messages, etc.

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