So you will be going to Russia for the world cup and you are wondering businesses to check out while in Russia? If yes, then this article is for you.
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The world cup as we all know is the greatest football festival that happens once in every four years. It is an event that brings different countries of the world together. Football, as we all know, is one of the sports that cut across all nations, religions, and countries of the world and is played by even the poorest of people.
This year’s world cup will be hosted by Russia in June. It will be held from the 14th of June to the 15th of July in 11 different host cities of Russia. 32 teams from 5 confederations will be competing for the cup and they will come with both their players, coaches and technical crew.
During the event, millions of people from all parts of the world and from all works of life will converge in Russia and for an entrepreneur; it is a great opportunity for you to make some money from the world cup.
Russia is the world’s largest nation and borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans according to Wikipedia. Russians are really friendly in conversation, willing to help or assist people and compassionate in general. They are however exceptions in every race of people who do are not friendly.
They are known for a number of activities and religions, but we will not dwell more on them. Let us look at the various businesses you can do in Russia during the world cup.

Businesses you can do in Russia during the world cup

As a businessman, attending such an event is a sure way of getting to meet people from different works of life. Although many people go to the world cup to relax and refresh from their work, it is the best place to make new connections.
Getting connections and making friends is probably one of the most important things you should do in Russia as a businessman or an entrepreneur. These connections are invaluable and can serve as the key to your business’ growth.
You can make connections with people that will help buy materials and business products for you from their different countries. If you make great connections with Russians, you can get materials imported from their country to yours with basic logistics covered for you.
Below are some businesses you can do in Russia during the world cup:
Garments and accessories: while in Russia, you can check out their varieties of garments and accessories as this is one of the most flourishing businesses in Russia. You can buy different types of clothes and accessories like shoes, caps, bags, belts, and ship them down to your country where you can sell them at higher prices and make lots of money when you return.
Also, because Russia is always cold, you can find stocks made to protect the body from cold and ship them down to your country.
This business can be continued even after the world cup if you make good connections with the sellers or with people that can help buy and ship them down to you.
Art products: there are numerous art vendors in Russia selling their products on the streets and lots of them are very beautiful. You can buy as many as you want and ship them down to your country, sell them and make cool cash.
Vodka: Russia is unarguably the best place to get high-quality vodka in the world. You can get them at very cheap rates and ship straight down to your country and get them sold at higher prices.
There are hundreds of vodka brands in Russia and whenever you check their stores, you can testify to this – the best being Flagman and Russky Standart.
This business like the others can also be done afterward by making the right connections with sellers and other people.
Fish farming business: this business can be done by finding partners in Russia. Because Russia is exposed to three different oceans, fish farming is a gold mine. You can sign agreements with someone to do the business for you and send your own part of the profit to you once the fishes are sold.
In doing this business, however, it is advised that you make sure the person or persons you are to do the business with is trustworthy and will not defraud you.
Porcelain products: there are lots of porcelain products in Russian shops and supermarkets. You can take some time to go through them, select the bests among them and export them to your country.
Care is to be taken however in doing this as they are bound to crack in the process of transportation.
Coffee business:  the business of selling coffee will be a very viable one as Russia is always cold. Thousands of people will be coming for the world cup and will need coffee to keep their body warm. To make the most out of this business, find locations near stadia that will be used for the event and also, around shopping malls, junctions, etc.
Selling sporting equipment: since it is all about football, selling sporting equipment will be a sure way of making money from the world cup. Equipment like country jerseys, whistles, socks, snickers, boots, plastic trumpets, bands, flags, etc. will give you lots of money. You can purchase them from supermarkets or sellers and sell them at the stadiums during games.
Since you are new to the area, finding a Russian that will help you locate where they are sold is a very nice thing to do. He or she might as well explain the dos and don’ts of business in Russia to avoid getting into trouble.
Sports betting: During this period, fixtures will be up for betting on various sport betting sites and you can make cool money off this. You can place your bets and if they enter, you get paid lots of money. This business can be done in Russia or in other parts of the world too.

Going to the world cup is a nice thing to do and making money from your trip makes it nicer and fun. Go to Russia and make some more money for yourself.

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