September 28, 2022
Hello, have you been looking for where you can buy beads of different varieties or for someone to teach you the art of bead making? Then look no further because in this article, we would be looking at the business of bead making, where to buy beads within the South Eastern part of Nigeria, how profitable it is, how to start making yours and someone that can teach you how to make beads if you wish.


Beads are used for decorations ranging from hair decoration, neck decoration, waist, hands and feet decorations. They are also used in making hand bags, flower pots and many other things you can think of. The art of bead making is one that requires application of special skills and also, tutorials from someone that is into it.

Amichukwu beading idea is a leading startup that is into designing of several types of beads and in teaching people within the South Eastern part of Nigeria how to make beads. In this post, we had an interview with the CEO of this company and she revealed a lot about the art of bead making, what it entails, a display of beads they have created and lots more.

So, we would be giving you a summary of our exclusive interview with her

AndykeBlog: Can we meet you ma?

Sylvia: Hello, I am SylviaMary Ezeakor the CEO of Amichukwu beading idea.

AndykeBlog: can you tell us about your company?

Sylvia: okay, Amichukwu beading idea is a company that designs beads of different kinds, ranging from the ones used for royal decorations, normal beads, bead ear rings, waist beads, key holders, neck beads, etc. You can see some of our products below:

 AndykeBlog: wow! They are really lovely ma. Can you tell us what is required for one to make any of these beads?

Sylvia:alright, for someone to start making beads, he or she should have all or some of the following materials:

1 bead: this is about the most important thing one needs to design beads. Beads are of different kinds and are used for different purposes. Some of them are
i.                    the bugle beads,
ii.                   chatons and Rivoli bead
iii.                 Crystal beads
iv.                 Faceted beads
v.                   Flatbacks
vi.                 Delica beads
vii.               Gemstone beads, etc.
 These beads can be gotten from the market- there are people who sell these beads in different markets. Just ask around and you will be directed to where you can get them from. They are also of different sizes and we have size 15, 11, 8, 6, etc. beads

2 Pliers: this is a small tool with two handles for holding or pulling small things like nails, or for cutting wire. We make use of this tool in cutting fishing lines and other materials needed for bead making. There are different types of pliers used:
i.                    Flattener
ii.                   Roller
iii.                 Cutter

3 wires: this is not the conventional wire you might be thinking of. These are materials used to join the beads in order to make wonderful designs with them. There are different kinds of wires used in bead making and they include:

Fishing lines or beading wire
Jewelry chains
Memory wire
Beading chain
Leather or suede cord
Illusion cord, etc.

4 hooks: these are curved device used for catching or holding things, especially one fixed to a surface for hanging things on. In bead making, it is used if need be to pass wires through beads. Some beads have very tiny holes and it would be hard if not impossible to pass these wires through them. With a hook, you can comfortably do this without stress.

5 stopper knots: these are knots tied at the ends of the wires to prevent the beads from slipping.

Sylvia: that all I can say for now.

AndykeBlog: Wow! That was revealing ma. Thanks for that…. So, tell us what other stuffs that are needed apart from these materials.
Sylvia: alright, besides these materials, it is also necessary that you possess the following qualities:
1 getting trained: yes! Although you can start bead making without getting trained, we advise that you get trained by someone already in the business. This is because they are some hidden trade secrets that you cannot get when you build on your own. These secrets can only be revealed by someone that has gathered experience in the art. You must not train for a long time to learn these secrets.

Thank God for the internet, you can get videos on YouTube and also learn from there. But if you have the opportunity of learning from someone, just do.

2. flexibility: as earlier stated, bead making is an art and so, for you to remain relevant at all times, you must be flexible. The flexibility I mean here is, getting to know the latest trends in the business, better ways of advertising your products, getting to your clients and checking up on them from time to time, leveraging on social media, etc.

3. creativity: it is one thing to get trained, and it is another to be creative. As you can see from my collections, I make beaded key holders and didn’t learn that from anywhere. There are several other products I’ve made that are all from my creativity. So, you should imagine and try out several things and improve yourself.

AndykeBlog: Great! Thanks for all these Ma. We would like to know how to contact you if someone wants to get in touch with you, buy your beads or get trained by you.

Sylvia: Oh! Sure. You can get me with these details:

Phone number: 23427422539, 09060436675
Facebook page:
Instagram: @amiechukwu
Location: University of Nigeria, Nsukka
AndykeBlog: can anyone get your beads from anywhere in Nigeria?

Sylvia: yes! We accept bulk delivery to different parts of the country. But you should be ordering for our designs in bulk before we can deliver them to you. If it is within Nsukka, then you can get any quantity you want.

AndykeBlog: Do you train people on bead making?

Sylvia: Yes, we train people on the art of bead making. To get trained, contact us on any of the details provided earlier. We would agree on the modalities of the training, the fee and all other things required.

AndykeBlog: Alright ma, thanks for your time.

Sylvia: You are welcome! Hope to see you soon..

Bead making is a very lucrative business especially for the female folks. Get this skill today and you will be happy you did. Just contact Amichukwu beading ideas and get trained or buy your beads at very affordable prices.
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