So, you might have been thinking of venturing into the keke napep (tricycle) business but want to get more information about the business. If you get the keke napep running in an area that is densely populated and have so many businesses like Lagos or Enugu metropolis, then you are sure of raking in between 2000 to 5000 naira daily.

How do I buy these tricycles?

Depending on your budget, you could get a fairly used tricycle or a new one. It is important that you avoid being scammed by these sellers by either going with a tricycle driver or with a mechanic. There are several brands of tricycles like the Bajaj and TVS.

What do I need to know about keke napep business?

Every trade has its own secrets and anyone that does not know these secrets cannot thrive in it. We gathered some secrets about the keke napep business and some of them are:
1. get a viable route: this is about the greatest secret in the keke napep business. For you to make money in the business, your keke napep must be plying routes that are very profitable. It is impossible to make enough money if your keke plies through routes that fewer passengers take or villages where there is not enough money.
I stayed in Enugu metropolis for some months and with my interactions with these keke drivers, I found out they make more than 100,000 naira monthly as profit, excluding maintenance fees for the keke. With this value, we can infer that those plying through major routes in other big cities like Lagos and Ibadan can be earning up to 150,000 naira monthly.
2. Know your drivers:another thing that can cause your exit from the business is the kind of driver you employ to drive your keke napep. Some of these drivers could be dubious and end up not remitting your share of the daily or weekly earnings.
It is better to employ someone that is married, and also to know a bit about the driver, his family and other details that could help track him peradventure he starts playing with your business.
It is also important that you make prior negotiations with the driver on how you want your earnings to be remitted to you. You both could agree that he should remit on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. If possible, sign a document to this regard with him so that you can hold him accountable.

There are so many ways you can venture into this business and they include:

1. hire purchase:this is when you buy the keke and give it out to a driver and reaching an agreement for him to pay at installments for the keke napep. Once he completes the payment, the keke becomes his. This way, you can earn so fast as the driver would like to meet with the deadline. You earn a lot with this and the driver will take good care of the keke because it would one day be his own.
2. rentals: you can also run a keke rental service in which people rent your keke on a daily basis, work with it and pay a fixed amount at the end of every day.