Have you been looking for ways of getting money online? Do you know you can make so much money online taking surveys? We are happy to present to you this wonderful site where you can make money online taking surveys and cashing out in different ways.
Legerweb is a Canadian survey site where you get to take surveys and earn in dollars depending on the amount the survey organizers paid for it. We have earned so much from it and that’s why we want to introduce you to this website.
It is very easy to take surveys on Legerweb and these surveys can be taken from the comfort of your homes, offices, or even while chilling out with friends on your smartphones or computers.
It was founded in 2004 and is a survey company that is based in Montreal. It does not only pay you for taking surveys on its platform but also pays you when you refer your friends to the site. It is absolutely free to join and their interface is very easy to navigate.
Having being in business for about 14 years, Legerweb boasts of over 350,000 members that take surveys and get paid on request.
You get paid in either by Air Miles, cash payment by check, by charity donation, sweepstake entries or PayPal.

All you need to know about Legerweb- earn money online from surveys

1 Is Legerweb genuine?
Yes, they are genuine and have paid so many people for taking surveys. Also, they have this draw where users get to win up to a thousand dollars. We have tested this site for a while and received payments directly to our PayPal account.
2 How much is the minimum amount I can withdraw from Legerweb?
On Legerweb, you can withdraw a minimum of $20 or 20 in Air Miles. After reaching that threshold, you are expected to wait for 24 hours before requesting payment as it is required for the admins to rectify the prices.
Once you request for payment, it will be processed and you will receive your payment within 7 working days to the payment option you prefer.
3 How much do I earn for each member I refer?
You earn $1 for each member you refer to the site that ends up taking at least one survey. This is a very easy task as all you need to do is to send the person an invite by putting their email on the site. You can also do that through a referral link that is given to you upon registration.
4 How long does the surveys take?
This depends on the number of questions and also the amount to be gotten from the survey. Some short surveys take about 5 minutes while some can last for about 45 minutes.
5 Is the survey meant for only Canadians?
Yes, their surveys are meant for only Canadians although there is a way through which you can participate in the survey from other parts of the world. This simple way is by changing your IP address to a Canadian IP. This can be done on android by getting any VPN application (example: windscribe, hotspot shield, psyphon shield, etc.) that has Canadian servers on them.
You can also change your IP address on your PC if you are not in Canada through some hotspot shield applications or VPNs for PCs. You can also make use of plugins for web browsers to change your location and participate in the survey.
If you are in Canada or in the US, then there is no need for you to change your IP address.
6 Are the surveys steady?
The surveys come as and at when they feel like sending them out. This might probably be because they wait on companies that need to take surveys to bring them before sending them out to their users.
7 How do I get started?
If you are in Canada or the US, to get started, just click this link, complete the registration process, confirm your registration and start taking surveys immediately.
If you are not in the fore mentioned countries, just download the VPN on any device you wish to register with, select any server in Canada, then click on this link
If you are not in Canada, then you need to generate valid details of a Canadian resident. You can do so by going to any of the fake id generators online, generate the details of someone in Canada and make use of it.
Below is a screenshot of the payment we received last

You can watch this video also

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