Finally, we get to experience the abroad experience with the UBA prepaid card which is a kind of credit card which once funded, can be used by anyone to shop online. Just continue reading as we tell you more about this wonderful innovation by the UBA group.

What is the UBA prepaid card all about?

Have you ever wanted a credit card that you can gift to your loved one, family member or your colleague at the office as a gift? Then this is for you. The UBA prepaid card is a wonderful innovation by the United Bank of Africa (UBA). It is a pre-funded, reloadable card that is accepted internationally on any platform that allows Visa or MasterCard usage in over 200 countries.
It is a very good and reliable option of giving someone a chance to get whatever he or she wants as a gift whenever, where ever and at their convenience.
Contrary to general opinion, the UBA prepaid card is not linked to any UBA account and can be likened to a wallet in which you just load money and then use or gift to someone to make use of at will. Fortunately, it can also be funded peradventure you exhaust the money in it and you don’t need to worry.

What do you have to gain for making use of the UBA prepaid card?

The features of the UBA prepaid card are as follows:
  • Has a 3-year validity period starting from the month of issue
  • You can transfer money to and from any UBA prepaid card
  • Just like the debit card, it needs a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which makes it usable in all ATM and POS platforms
  • You can get live tracking of all transactions done with the card.

What are the features of this UBA prepaid card?

This innovation by the UBA group has the following features:
  • As stated earlier, it is not linked with any bank account
  • If the card is stolen, you as the owner can retrieve your funds at will
  • It can be used in all terminals that accept VISA/ MasterCard as methods of payment just like UBA debit cards
  • Can be used for local and international transactions (it is accepted in 200 countries of the world). This makes it a wonderful travel companion. You don’t need to worry about cash anymore, just have your UBA prepaid card and you are good to go.
  • It is a very good alternative to giving cash to someone as a gift
  • Just like UBA debit cards, you can make use of the UBA prepaid card 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How do I get the UBA prepaid card?

Getting the UBA prepaid card is very simple. Just walk into any UBA branch in your country and request for the card. As at the time of writing this article, they give the UBA prepaid card free of charge if you will load the card with a minimum of 10,000 Naira.

How do I activate my UBA prepaid card?

It is very simple to do that. You can do so at any UBA office i.e. right there when you go for it. You can also do so through UBA mobile/Internet banking, business direct, etc.

How do I change my UBA prepaid card PIN?

Just like the UBA prepaid card, you can change the PIN at any UBA ATM in your country of residence.