The wave of smartphone (especially Android smartphones) theft in Nigeria is alarming and it raises the concern in most quartered on what should be done. In this article, I will be talking about the best way to recover a stolen Android phone in Nigeria. In recent time, these thieves have found a way of making use of the stolen iPhones without any trace to them.


iPhone users are a bit free from the threat, although not totally free. Android smartphones are most prone to theft. This is because it is easy for it to get hacked and changed. The ones that are most prone to IMEI changes are the ones with MediaTek processors.

Without wasting much of your time, let us dive into the business of the day.

How to recover stolen Android phones in Nigeria

Although the method I am about to share is one that is not 100% guaranteed, it is worthy of a trial. What then is this method?

To recover a stolen Android phone in Nigeria, all you need to do is to visit the nearest CIVIL DEFENCE OFFICE and report the case of a stolen phone to them. Of course, you are expected to come with all evidence that show that the stolen Android phone is yours. Once you have lodged the report, you will be charged a certain amount of money and tech experts trained already in the art will help track your phone.

The recovery of a stolen Android phone in Nigeria by these tech experts depends on a number of things. Let’s look at them:

If the thieves or their accomplices are tech experts and know their way around tweaking inner configurations of an Android smartphone, then the phone cannot be recovered. This is because they tend to change the IMEI number and a couple of other kinds of stuff and thus, makes it impossible for any tool to have access to the phone over a network. It turns the smartphone into a new one.


If the thieves decide not to turn on the phone and remove the SIM cards inside during the period of tracking, it is impossible for them to track the phone. Depending on the agreement you reached with them, they can decide to track the stolen Android smartphone over and over again for a long period of time. During one of their trials, if the smartphone is turned on and the IMEI or other information about it are still the same, then it can be tracked.


If the phone is taken to a remote area where network signals are not that strong, it might hinder the tracking process. This is because the device used requires a sufficient level of the signal on the smartphone to be able to track it.


Which way?

The method I just discussed above even though not 100% assured, is better than not doing anything at all to recover your stolen Android phone in Nigeria. A trial might be of great help as the thief might not be smart to know about what I just talked about.

Head over to the nearest CIVIL DEFENSE OFFICE near you and recover your stolen Android phone if you are in Nigeria.