payporte 4.0

payporte 4.0

Payporte 4.0 is here! You remember Payporte right? Proud sponsors of last year’s BBN. Yes!

PayPorte is an omnichannel retail company with the vision of clothing the whole of Africa and beyond. Founded in 2014 by a team of tech enthusiasts and currently has its head office in Lagos Nigeria. It also has several offices scattered not only in Nigeria but also in Philadelphia USA, Manchester UK, and Guangzhou China.

payporte 4.0
payporte 4.0

Recently, they launched Payporte 4.0 which is a totally new concept with numerous features added. According to PayPorte, fashion is not only what we wear, but a reflection of who we are. They are known for the quality of the products in their store. In this post, we will be looking at PayPorte 4.0 and its features. Stay with us as we review PayPorte 4.0.


Features of PayPorte 4.0

Unlike other eCommerce stores in Nigeria particularly, PayPorte has introduced new features that are not used by others. Some of these features include:

Pay small-small: PayPorte pay small-small is a feature that allows their customers to shop and pay for the products in installments. They understood that people have different earning patterns and so, with this feature, you can order for a product and have it reserved for you. The product will be kept for you until you pay in full. You have the opportunity of paying in 4 installments depending on when you get the complete money.

The product is then sent to you afterward.

Pay on delivery: this feature still featured in PayPorte 4.0 in which you pay for a product when it gets to you. This shows that they value each of their customers and are interested in their satisfaction and comfort. PayPorte Pay on delivery (PoD) can be done either through bank transfer, usage of Point of sale machines or physical cash payment.

Depending on the method you chose, the dispatcher will deliver it to you and you pay through it. This feature is available for all products that are on their site and physically available at their store. It is accessible for all users throughout Nigeria.

Pay For Me: PayPorte Pay for Me is another great feature and one of its kind too. Don’t have money to pay for an order but have someone who can? Do you want your friend or loved one to select whatever they want and get them paid by you? Then PayPorte PayForMe is the way.

With this feature, all you need to do is to add all items that you want into your cart, and do the following on the checkout page:

1. Click on the PayForMe icon on the checkout menu.

2. Fill in the details of the person that can pay for you. The details required include the recipient’s name, email and a message for them.

3. Click on Place Order. Once clicked, the details of everything you added to cart will be sent to the recipient’s email and he can click on the link, and pay for the items from his end. Once paid, you can get the products.

Self Pickup: PayPorte 4.0 also comes with a feature that allows its customers to pick up their orders themselves. If you cannot wait for them to deliver items that you ordered to you, you can access this feature if you can come to any of their delivery hubs to pick them up yourself.

Self Pickup has no delivery charges attached to it and they get to notify you through email and SMS when your order reaches your preferred pickup location. PayPorte Self pick up can also be used together with PayOnDelivery. But you are to pick up your order before 24 hours of getting notified to avoid the cancellation of your order.

If you paid for them, you can enter anytime and pick up your orders from these hubs. You will have to choose the hub upon checkout.

Store Credit: PayPorte 4.0 also comes with a very new feature that is known as store credit. With this store credit, you can pay for anything you want on the site. You can buy store credits on the site from your bank account and each store credit is equal to one Naira.

As at the time of writing this post, they run a promo and are giving out 2000 naira worth of store credit to new customers when they register. For you to get the store credit, you have to post your email address and phone number on the comment section below after registration on the site.


Modal club points: PayPorte 4.0 also has what is called Modal club. These are influencers who help promote their products. The modal club points are given to customers whenever they make a purchase on the site. Depending on the number of items ordered and the amount paid, you get modal club points.




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