Places to get a conference for visa application: You will need a conference visa if you are planning to travel to a foreign country for events such as conferences or seminars. Getting a conference visa or a visa meant for that purpose depending on the country; requires you to present a letter of invitation and some other documents to the embassy/consulate. To get a letter of invitation, you are to apply for a conference or other related events and after completing the whole process, a letter of invitation would be sent to you.


If you’re a student, medical personnel, or a research scholar, searching for conferences that relate to your career or field of study, in this article, we shall list places to get a conference for visa application.

Because of the alarming rate of cybercrime and other fraudulent activities on the internet, it is vital travelers searching for conferences/seminars to stick to places where they can get genuine conferences.

Are you on the lookout for a genuine conference to attend outside your country? Here are the top 5 Places to get conference for visa application:




If you are looking for a genuine conference to attend, Inomics, is one of the places to get conferences for visa application. INOMICS is popular, trusted and reliable.  It is an online platform that provides updates on opportunities, jobs, grants, and programs. Inomics, focuses more on career and education with a special interest in economics and management courses. Inomics is best described as the ‘power of niche recruitment’. Students, researchers, interested in this area of discipline can log in and register through this link:


All Conference Alerts


All conference alert is a one-stop online platform specifically for academic conference listing and career promotions. It is one of the dependable places to get a conference for visa application. The site provides details such as conference dates, venue, agenda, organizer, and contact details for leading conferences, workshops, seminars, associated events and webinars. All Conference Alert, is open to major disciplines ranging from marketing, medicine, Banking & Finance, Engineering, IT, eCommerce.

This platform offers researchers, scientists, academicians, industry peers, the ample opportunity to share the latest research and information in specific industries. All conference alert, is genuine and offers unique services in ensuring that it brings in modern innovators, research fellows & analysts, with complementing interests on a single table to share and expand their knowledge.

All Conference Alert platform provides you with the latest & upcoming conferences spanning over 150+ academic subjects from 130+ countries.

Interestingly, you can sort the conferences by date, month, & major cities like New York, London, and Mumbai etc. For you to stay informed on current conferences, register with All Conference Alert, through this link provided.


World Conference Alerts (WCA)


World Conference Alerts, is another great online platform that provides conferences, seminars, workshops, and other related events. WCA, is credible and one of the best places to get a conference for visa application. It is open to various fields such as medicine, education, business, engineering, law, interdisciplinary, mathematics, and social studies; thereby, attracting research scholars, inventors, students, university professors, to share knowledge and their research findings so as to help the modern world to get the maximum utilization of knowledge. World Conference Alerts, also invites organizers of events related to various fields across the world to get their events registered in the WCA website.

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World Conference Alert, provides conferences and events based on knowledge exchange and research sharing concept. If you need updates on conferences and workshops, register here:



World Conference Calendar


World Conference Calendar, gives organizers the opportunity to list their events via its platform for FREE. It is one of the most worthy places to get conference for visa application. This online platform serves as a directory publishing verified information on academic conferences all over the world. World Conference Calendar, is a resource center for conferences covering a variety of disciplines such as Business and Economics, Engineering & Technology, Health & Medicine, Mathematics& Statistics, Law, IT, and Social sciences and a host of other subjects.

World Conference Calendar, is a place where students, academicians, scientists, research fellows, use the platform to share knowledge. This platform provides you with information on conferences, workshops, conventions, and trade shows.

You can select an event or conference by category or location. To get updates on current conferences and other related events, register on




Eventbrite, is on the list of top places to get conference for visa application because it is trusted and consistent when it comes to providing information on conferences and other special events in corresponding industries. Eventbrite basically, is a global platform for live experiences that allows individuals to create, share, find and attend events that suit their passions. The platform offers opportunities stretching from conferences, expos, competitions, marathons, fundraising, Music, festivals and gaming. The idea is to bring the world together through live experiences. If your passion lies on any of the listed programs as shown here, log in and register through this link:



These are online platforms that provide verified information on all conferences and seminars. Therefore, if you are looking for genuine places to get conference for visa application, visit any of the links provided in this article. Endeavor to register and complete the registration process.

If you find any of the conferences that fuel your passion, click on it and apply. Upon completion, a letter of invitation will be sent to your email address. The letter of invitation and other supporting documents are the requirements for your conference visa application.