Technical Focus

Geo-referenced information and analysis of livestock systems from a natural resources, socio-economic and nutrition and health perspective.

Key Results

Comprehensive technical and policy expertise to support the planning, development and implementation of Officesl/Division programmes, projects, products and services in accordance with FAO Strategic Objectives.

Key Functions

  • Plans and leads components of multi-disciplinary teams, leads and/or participates on Organization-wide, cross-divisional committees, project teams, and working groups and/or provides specialized expertise on technical networks and/or international technical policy and/or international technical policy and standard setting bodies.
  • Develops technical, analytical, monitoring and reporting frameworks, and related methodologies, tools, systems and databases etc. to support the planning, implementation/delivery and monitoring of programmes of work, projects, products and/or services.
  • Designs and conducts research, data collection, validation, analysis and/or reporting activities to support the development of technical standards, international instruments, innovative approaches and strategies, new tools, technologies, technical reports/publications, and/or policy proposals as well as the provision of technical/policy/ specialist/advice and expertise.
  • Responds to country requests for technical and policy assistance, provides technical advice, assistance and solutions to Decentralized Offices and provides technical backstopping to field projects.
  • Collaborates in, provides technical backstopping to and ensures the quality / effectiveness of capacity development and knowledge sharing activities within member countries such as policy support, organizational development and individual learning events including preparation of related information, learning materials, on-line tools.
  • Promotes international cooperation/advocates best practices, increased policy dialogue and provides technical expertise at international/intergovernmental meetings.
  • Participates in resource mobilization activities in accordance with the FAO Corporate strategy.

Specific Functions

  • Conducts analysis in support of evidence-based decision making and policy development for sustainable livestock agri-food systems in particular emerging thematic areas such as emerging pathogens, climate change, natural resource use, nutrition and health, poverty analysis and economics. This involves broad data sourcing and networking (big data); development and management of key databases and spatial information systems; development of models and analytical approaches to address emerging issues; and the use and development of tools and novel technologies to make data and evidence available, focusing on relevance, quality, speed, inclusion and timeliness.
  • Establishes partnerships with leading organizations in the area of sustainable livestock agri-food systems analysis and information. These includes university departments, regional and global organizations representing producers and pastoralists, international research and development organizations.
  • Advises countries and FAO colleagues particularly in decentralised offices on data collection and analysis for sustainable livestock agri-food systems that are inclusive to most vulnerable and poor livestock keepers.
  • Prepares and disseminates data and analyses on sustainable livestock agri-food systems and advises the Division on information management.

Minimum Requirements

  • Advanced university degree in agriculture, geography, environmental or biological sciences.
  • Seven years of relevant experience in livestock systems analysis, sustainability and related policy development.
  • Working knowledge of English and limited knowledge of another FAO official language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish)


  • Results Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement
  • Technical/Functional Skills

Technical/Functional Skills

  • Work experience in more than one location or area of work, particularly in field positions is desirable
  • Extent and relevance of experience in analyzing sustainable agriculture and livestock systems and related issues
  • Extent and relevance of experience in spatial information systems and spatial analysis
  • Demonstrated ability to mobilize resources

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